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Empowering Sokoto’s Economic Growth through Efficient Taxation:
Simplifying Taxation: User-Friendly Systems for Hassle-Free Payment and Filing

About us

Sokoto State Internal Revenue Service SIRS is the official revenue collection agency of Sokoto State, entrusted with the responsibility of mobilising funds for the sustainable development of our great state.
Our Mission
Our mission is to maximize revenue generation for Sokoto State through transparent and efficient tax administration. We are dedicated to facilitating voluntary compliance while ensuring fairness, equity, and accountability in the tax system.


Tax Types

Tax types refer to the various categories or classifications of taxes that individuals or businesses are required to pay

Vehicle Registration Guideline

Vehicle registration is the process of officially recording a vehicle with the relevant government authority to establish ownership and eligibility for operation on public roads.

Verify TCC

TCC stands for Tax Clearance Certificate. It is an official document issued by tax authorities to verify that an individual or business has fulfilled its tax obligations.

Individual/Non TIN Registration

TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. It is a unique identification number provided to individuals or non-individual entities for tax purposes.

Obtain Tax ID

Tax ID, also known as taxpayer identification number, is a unique identification number assigned to individuals or businesses for tax reporting purposes.

eTax Portal

An eTax portal is an online platform provided by tax authorities that enables taxpayers to access and manage their tax-related information electronically.


Tax Forms

Click on the link to download the tax forms

Tax Forms

Click on the link to download the tax forms

Tax Forms

Click on the link to download the tax forms

Tax Forms

Click on the link to download the tax forms
Paying taxes in Sokoto State, like in any other region, offers several benefits. Here are some of the advantages of paying taxes

Infrastructure development:

Tax revenue plays a crucial role in financing infrastructure development projects such as road construction, water supply systems, schools, hospitals, and public transportation. By paying taxes, individuals and businesses contribute to creating a better quality of life for residents of Sokoto State.

Social services:

Tax funds are essential for providing social services to the citizens of Sokoto State. These services include healthcare facilities, welfare programs, public safety, and educational institutions. Paying taxes enables the government to allocate resources effectively and provide essential services to the people in need.

Economic growth:

Tax revenue is often utilized by the government to promote economic development. Investments in infrastructure, education, and healthcare contribute to creating a favorable business environment and attract private investment. This can lead to job creation, increased economic activities, and improved living standards in Sokoto State.

Improved governance and public administration:

Taxes play a pivotal role in strengthening the governance and public administration of Sokoto State. With sufficient revenue, the government can maintain an efficient and transparent administration, ensuring accountability and effective delivery of public services.

Enhanced security:

Taxes play a crucial role in supporting law enforcement agencies and maintaining public security. By funding police forces, courts, and other security initiatives, tax revenue contributes to creating a safe and secure environment for individuals and businesses in Sokoto State.